Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a peek...

inside my muddled mind:

I've arrived home from work absolutely brain dead the last few days, but yesterday I pulled it together enough to decide I needed to buy new things. Somehow that ability never escapes me, mental state be damned.

It took three years to get the living room to a place I deem satisfactory. This has been nearly two years now of trying to create a bedroom that clicks with me us, and it's taken lots of trial and error. I still hate it, mostly. Not because there's anything wrong with it, but because I am never satisfied.

Lots of internet-ing later, I have some new ideas that just might be okay. Already owned: upholstered headboard, burnt orange Euro shams, ivory monogramed shams, ivory zebra print matelassé coverlet, mahogany Chippendale side tables, Chippendale bamboo chairs, matchstick blinds, Persian rug, antlers (shed, not hunted), and sheepskin rugs. Need: curtains, lamps, printed emerald fabric, and the perfect shade of paint.

By using ridiculous phrases such as "burnt orange" and "matelass√© coverlet," I've revealed far too much to you about what fills my precious head space: unnecessary decorating buzz words gleaned from blogs and magazines.  That, and who ran off with whose jump rope at recess today. Guard this very important information closely.

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