Sunday, June 24, 2012


A list of things a week of freedom hath brought:
-relearning to sleep in
-watching the first season of Game of Thrones (OH MY GOD HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?)
-a ladies day of manicures and magazines in Andersonville
-lunch with my grandparents
-the time to read two books (I'm on a nonfiction murder kick, heaven help me)
-a new morning iced tea ritual
-a girls' night with friends from work
-a considerable drop in my weekly output of tears

We spent our lazy Sunday afternoon strolling through our neighborhood and into the tiny stop-and-go streets of Old Town Triangle, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and tc-ing our respective b. His is interview prep for tomorrow morning (fingers crossed times a million), and mine was hammering away at this old bedroom situation of ours. We painted the walls flat black last spring, and with the new wall color came a shift in ideas of what the room should look like. With the addition of a new bed bench we picked up at Brownstone Antiques this weekend, the layout of the middle of the room is very much like this:
Since it is a huge whopper of a room, we have ample space (both wall space & floor) on either side of the bed. One side has a Chippendale style 60s or 70s buffet that we found at the Brown Elephant a month or so ago. We're using it as a dresser/ vanity. I don't have pictures of it yet as she's having some hardware issues. The other side of the bed is empty save for an Ikea chair I'm trying to offload on Craigslist and a little Chippendale side table.

A few months ago we were running errands at Home Depot and I dragged Kevin into the Home Decorators shop inside the store. BAM. Chesterfield. I had seen it in the catalog, but it looked so much cooler in person. Bonus points? Kevin walked straight to it and sat down. Not even 'cause I told him to! He thought it would be great for that empty space in the bedroom.

It's made of "recycled leather," (an interesting article about which you can read on Furniture Today), so it's at a lower price point than many other Chesterfields on the market. Even so, we've been laying low and biding our time, but I noticed that delivery on all seating is free this weekend, so I did it. As of this week, this shall be ours:

Gordon Tufted Loveseat from Home Decorators
After we settle on the rest of the artwork and get things up on the walls, we'll (finally!) be done. For now.

P.S. Would you rather....




Just askin'... (left from Laurie Sarah Designs, right by Adzia)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


"Yea" would be pronounced (YAY).

"Ya" is (YAAAH).

"Yeah" is the spelling of the term of agreement you're looking for. 

Ann M. Martin taught me that at a tender young age. Texters, take note.

on tunes and rooms. yeah, i made it rhyme.

My pretty girl is back again! Listen to the whole thing here

Fiona Apple photo by Dan Monick for NPR

In other news:

Graduation & job hunting for him,

The portfolio cover I came up with for Kevin (last name artfully blurred).

 New bedroom ideas for her,
Less orange-y reds. Too garish with the black paint. More coral and sleeker, contrasting bedside lamps.The pillows that look white are actually an off-white, the same color as the headboard and coverlet.
and the realization that I really, really need to buy Photoshop this summer. 

P.S. Here's how my ideas for our bedroom have evolved over the years:

2012; painted walls black (Martha Stewart's Francesca)

2011; painted walls navy

2010; all over the place trying to make things more "manly" by adding nautical shazz and blue. Did not work. 

 ...and for kicks, my 2008 bedroom/entire apartment (325 square feet; no Kevin). Look past the Easter dress. It's the only picture of the bed I could find.

Super twee, super late aughts decor8 inspired. First generation West Elm pintuck bedding what WHAT.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

in and out.

Witnessed one of these in real life today, and it was brilliant:

Printer's Row Lit Fest weekend is the harbinger of summer. Last year, it was the harbinger of a summer of mystery stress-related rashes that led my dermatologist to suggest I see a hypnotist.

This year, let it just be the harbinger of summer.

Shall I say it some more? Harbinger, harbinger, harbinger.

Occupying my time lately:

Photo from Kate Spade.


Pointe by '13 or bust. From here.

I decided I needed more hobbies outside of looking at other people's houses on the internet and feeling unsatisfied and poor. See also: F Your Noguchi Coffee Table. Brilliant.