Tuesday, June 12, 2012

on tunes and rooms. yeah, i made it rhyme.

My pretty girl is back again! Listen to the whole thing here

Fiona Apple photo by Dan Monick for NPR

In other news:

Graduation & job hunting for him,

The portfolio cover I came up with for Kevin (last name artfully blurred).

 New bedroom ideas for her,
Less orange-y reds. Too garish with the black paint. More coral and sleeker, contrasting bedside lamps.The pillows that look white are actually an off-white, the same color as the headboard and coverlet.
and the realization that I really, really need to buy Photoshop this summer. 

P.S. Here's how my ideas for our bedroom have evolved over the years:

2012; painted walls black (Martha Stewart's Francesca)

2011; painted walls navy

2010; all over the place trying to make things more "manly" by adding nautical shazz and blue. Did not work. 

 ...and for kicks, my 2008 bedroom/entire apartment (325 square feet; no Kevin). Look past the Easter dress. It's the only picture of the bed I could find.

Super twee, super late aughts decor8 inspired. First generation West Elm pintuck bedding what WHAT.

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