Monday, March 5, 2012

on the town.

The entrance to the Public Hotel

 I love adventure (the risk free, familiar, I've-already-done-this-before kind), so it was only appropriate when my first date with Kevin culminated with  a crossing of state lines to relive a college road trip I'd reminisced about earlier in the evening.  We only made it as far as Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, but two birds: a good first date story, and the establishment of "our place."

Last year we celebrated our anniversary by heading back up north to indulge in reminiscences of our very own. This year, we shook things up and took a big leap by trekking from Lincoln Park to the Gold Coast for a night at Public Chicago. Because the couple that pays money together to sleep a mile away from their own apartment STAYS TOGETHER.

Extraordinarily good design; inordinately good people watching. I've decided that sitting in hotel lounges and making comments to a loved one on passersby is a more than worthy adventure. And here's to many more comfortable, familiar years of that.

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