Monday, February 13, 2012


So, in high school I just straight-up refused to step foot into a pool for P.E., which was somehow okay for all of sophomore and junior years. I wrote one-page reports on tennis as a make-up. I don't know how this genius set-up fell apart senior year, but all of a sudden, good friend Aisling and I were forced to join in on the water sports.

Our revenge? Avoiding all participation in water polo in exchange for slowly moving about the perimeter of the pool, oversized white t-shirts floating around our lanky teenage frames, pretending we were waterghosts.

I ran into one of our former P.E. teachers a few months ago and offered very sincere apologies.

The point of this all is the fact that this was a full ten years ago now, which is weirder than a waterghost in a high school aquatics center. (I'm hoping that catches on as a folksy saying.)

I stepped up to do some design work for the reunion, and here's what I've been playing around with so far; our colors are maroon & silver.

I couldn't bring myself to add a clipart Mustang into the mix, though I TRIED searching for a clipart waterghost...  Zero results.

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