Monday, February 20, 2012

the brass menagerie, and other pets.

Horns from ebay, Scalamandré zebras, & brass elephant box from Antique & Resale; The first horse of the house, from Roost.

There was a time a few years ago during which I was in an on-again-off-again relationship that left me newly single approximately every other week. Let it be known that I am colorblind when it comes to red flags.

At the time, I lived alone and desperately wanted a pet to keep me company during my intermittent moments of heartbreak.  Specifically, I wanted a dog. My apartment had the dimensions of a generously-sized shoe box, and any creature of the barking variety was strictly prohibited. There was a point at which my distraught thought process became so off-kilter, I even considered adopting a cat. SICK. (Sorry, friends who are cat owners.)

Thankfully, I snapped out of it and good friend Peter took me to Home Depot, where I bought a plant.  Getting a Peace Lily somewhat sated the urge to have something to take care of, and at least it wasn't a cat. Sometimes I'd even drag the damn thing into the bathroom when I showered, thinking The internet said humidity is good for plants! I am such a good and loveable plant owner! AND PERSON!

Then I'd cry about being alone.

Cast iron coin slot bank,  purchased from an antique store in Nashville

Several years later, I still really want a dog, but alas, this building doesn't allow them either. All of this to point out that after a long time of wanting a non-cat non-plant pet,  I have a hunch I may be
overcompensating on the animal front when it comes to decor. We can call this "inadvertent animal theme, pt II."

Every American home needs a kitchen horse; his & hers key hooks from Urban.

Baby elephant also from Antique & Resale
I have known Maurice my whole life; I took him from my mother's house without permission. Clothbound books by Osa Johnson. "Busy Bodies" birds from United Thread; Ram can be found at Twosided.
"Watering Hole" print also by Michele at United Thread

"Proud as a peacork, baby!" from Lincoln Antique Mall (Name that television sitcom!)

On the plus side, none of these can die by my hand! (As the Peace Lily eventually did.)

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