Monday, April 30, 2012

tennessee escapist fantasy.

When I'm this low down, it's a mountain's worth of climbing to crawl out of it.  I'm about 6 inches off the ground at this point, with a few hundred vertical miles ahead.

Currently dreaming about summer in Nashville...

rockers on the front porch of Belle Meade
fireworks for the 4th
flags on the riverfront
June & Johnny
The Ryman
...with The Civil Wars on repeat


...and this to call home. Some new landscaping and a different door/ trim color. There's certainly room for chickens in the yard. Yeah. I could live here.
house for sale on Trulia

Or here.
via Trulia

And in case you are feeling low like me but a fantasy life in Tennessee isn't gonna do the trick, here: 

Artwork by Valentina Ramos. Purchase here.

Because, somehow, it always is. Right?

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