Thursday, April 26, 2012

here are some things that i like.

I just can't write right now. Instead, here are some pictures that I like. I feel like that should just be the title of a lot of blogs: Here are Some Things that I Like.   Or is that just called Pinterest?

Oh, the WASPiness of it all. Photo from the National Archives.

Lopsided pigtails, photographed by Heather Armstrong.  In better days.

Reading nooks, Wes Anderson (& E.L. Konigsburg) style.  Touchstone Pictures.

Black walls, photographed for Lonny. Hint: New bedroom color.

A home of one's own. Jay Schaffer of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

I'm trying to get under, over, and through. It will come. It always does, just like Christmas, or spring, or that day that's Taylor Hanson's birthday that's permanently etched in your memory from  adolescence. (March 14th, WHAT?) 

It's all a process. You can get through something only to realize that you're through with what you struggled for.  
Big changes (hoping, wishing, praying) coming soon.*

*Not changes in the good stuff, like Kevin, or friends, or the apartment. I'm stubbornly and irrationally resistant to all changes in the good stuff.

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