Tuesday, May 1, 2012

great and terrible.

The first weekend Kevin and I were together we spent a solid amount of time shyly holding hands and roaming around Borders, which was right up my alley.  I knew I was done for right then & there.

At the time, he was directing a production of Alice in Wonderland and I was teaching The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Since then, we've built up a collection of various versions of each book.

I came home to a surprise Amazon box today with this inside: 

It's from the Penguin Threads line. Jillian Tamaki did the first three last year, as you saw at an Anthropologie near you. The artwork for this one is by Rachell Sumpter, and is one of three new additions to the series. You can see the rest here.  The embroidery looks incredibly realistic, and both the front and back cover are embossed.  My favorite discovery was the inside covers which show the backs of the original embroidered pieces, like the threads on the back of the tag in your shirt.

 On great and terrible days like today, it's the little things that get you through.

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