Sunday, January 22, 2012

mexican as i wanna be.

I've never felt particularly attached to heritage or ancestral culture, unless you count those I can't lay claim to (see 2004-2007: my years of being French).  Ethnically, I'm pretty ambiguous looks-wise. Friends once told me they referred to me as "The Russian" before actually meeting me. I shocked a friend's sister after a few years when she discovered I'm not Jewish. I still regularly get mail from Northwestern Hillel.

One of my fave party tricks, aside from the one where I twist my arms around 360 degrees, is to reveal that I am half Mexican. No! Which side?!

The left. Obviously.

So anyways, props to my culture, which brought some beautiful color into our entryway. In the past few years, Mexican Otomi textiles exploded all over the design world, most notably with Grace's headboard, the Otomi shot heard 'round the world.  I've had this image saved in one of my design folders a long time because I love the lamps.

Black & Spiro ad from Ivy & Piper
I finally gave in and straight up copied them by recovering a lampshade in a multicolor Otomi found on ebay. The handwoven fabric really is lovely, and spray adhesive is my new best friend. I like that I have something from Mexico in my house now. I feel like my grandmother would be pleased.

Kevin can't wait until we incorporate Polish elements into our home. Insert jokes as needed.

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