Friday, April 22, 2011

bedroom progress & no-sew pillows.

Admittedly, this isn't for those who enjoy professional quality or durability in their pillows.  But for those looking for a quick fix for decorative pillows without the cost of a seamstress-- BAM, you're welcome.

Let's start from the beginning. A few months ago, I found fabric that I loved courtesy of a World Market curtain (still available here).  It has a yellow-green base, with shades of pink, navy, and teal, which was the perfect way to bring color into our navy and white bedroom.

We bought three curtain panels, and I began this adventure by making a no-sew bedskirt (I just positioned the curtains on the boxspring at the length I wanted, and pinned).  At the time, we had just finished painting our white walls a deep grayish navy, and had gotten Euro shams in the same color. See?

I knew we still needed more to make it look "right," so we got the pillows embroidered with oversize monograms in the same yellow-green shade as the bedskirt.  It was better, but still not enough.

Then last night, as we finished up dinner and watched "The Office," inspiration struck.  (Side note: "The Office" was SO GOOD last night! I get so frustrated that they've had so many misses this season when they can be that good. Also, I cried at the ending.  I also cried during a commercial about cancer AND during a preview for "The Voice." See what Kevin has to deal with?)

I cut off some extra length of fabric that I had folded over to make the bedskirt and decided to tackle to plain Ikea pillows I've had around for a few years.  I only used the materials I had in the house, which included an iron and some rubber bands (yes, I am serious).

I started by cutting a piece of fabric that was the width of the pillow and long enough to wrap around it with some overage. Then I used the iron to press makeshift hems using the steam setting.

Smaller squares were cut to wrap around the sides of the pillow.  I used a rubber band to hold each square in place and made sure I pulled the fabric taut.

The last step was to wrap the larger rectangle around the pillow, burrito-style. I still have to pick up some velcro to secure the closing, but this is how they look:

They're not the most spectacularly assembled things in the world, but they'll do until we have enough money to pay someone to sew them.  And they make me very happy when I see them on the bed!  It feels much more complete.


  1. No sew? Sounds like my kind of project. I love the print you picked!

  2. Thanks, Marisa! I keep telling myself one day I'm going to learn to sew, but I've yet to get there.

  3. props on this. when wm first introduced this line, i bought a 120" table cloth because the curtains were too short. that bedskirt is a great looking repurpose!