Saturday, April 23, 2011

abstractions, or "i love luli."

Like many a blogger, I've been really into colorful abstract art lately.  In fact, Camila, one of my faves, recently posted some multicolor geometric prints that are really pretty over on Effortless Style.  Here's a print from Twoems, the shop she featured:

"Pink Triangle" print by Melanie Mikecz. Photo via Twoems Etsy Shop.
I left her a comment on that post about one of my favorite abstract artists, Michelle Armas.  A few months ago, I bought a print of her "Wise Math" painting for our living room, and I love it.  

 "Wise Math" print by Michele Armas.  Photo via Bigcartel.

We've had it hung with rolled painter's tape (taped-up prints, pillow upholstery attached with rubber bands... are you seeing a pattern with my home decorating style?) as we contemplated different locations for it, and just yesterday we picked up a square Ribba frame from Ikea.  I'll post pictures once it's up.

(Ikea aside: for the second time this year, I had to ride IN THE BACK OF THE CAR home all the way from Schaumburg.  Not in the back seat, mind you-- in the back of the car.  With huge boxes holding Billy bookcases.  In a two-foot space. Planning, measuring, preparing, etc-- not our forté.  I was worried cops were going to pull Kevin over on suspicion of abduction upon seeing my head peeking out of the rear windshield.  Check out my view below. Jealous?).

I lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Anyways... back to art.  Abstracts, specifically. Here are some additional paintings by Michele Armas that I love.  Some of her original work can run as low as $200, so I can't wait to own one one day.

"Remember This," by Michele Armas.  Photo via Michele Armas at Big Cartel.

"Valience," by Michele Armas.  Photo via Michele Armas at Big Cartel

"Austin," by Michele Armas.  Photo via Michele Armas at Big Cartel.

I got the new West Elm catalog in the mail yesterday, and today when I sat down to look at it, I spied something I liked very much.  Can you see it on the ground there, right next to that little blue stool?

West Elm is right, I AM loving Lourdes.
It's art by Brooklyn artist and textile designer Lourdes Sánchez and it's called "Color Blotches." Fifty-nine bucks gets you the print in a black frame with a linen mat.  Not bad, no?

Image from West Elm.

 I'm also a fan of this one, called "Color Wedges."

Image from West Elm.
 I'm hoping the former will go nicely with the "Wise Math" print, along with a few other pieces in the living room.  After a little clicking around, I discovered that Lourdes, who goes by Luli, has an impressive portfolio of art and textiles on her website. I got curious and-- HOLD THE PHONE, GRANDMA. Go check it out. Seriously. Leave me, I won't be offended. Everything is so beautiful, I'm freaking out a little.  Aren't you?

Compiled by me with photos of Luli Sanchez's work from the artist's website.

I want all of those.  As prints, as fabric, as socks, ANYTHING.

And... back to earth. Last but not least, here's my absolute favorite abstract art at the can't-beat-it price of $4.50: the ubiquitous pirouette marbled paper from Paper Mojo, which I first found out about via Little Green Notebook.  We laid ours in an antique frame and hung it above the television.  Et voilà! Art, or something like it.

P.S. More art, abstract and not, via the woman I'd like to be when I grow up.


  1. I LOVE Michelle Armas. I would die to own one of her paintings. When we buy a house, that's going to be my first purchase.

  2. Holy moly Melanie, I can't believe you read something I posted. YOU are MY fave!

    And yes, real art (especially Michelle's) is such an "I am a homeowner now" purchase.